Estate Planning, Probate, & related services

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Jones, Kuriloff & Sargent, LLC is a law firm specializing in estate planning, probate, and related services. Our areas of concentration include drafting wills, trusts, and powers of attorney; providing trustee services; assisting with real estate transactions; corporate planning and governance; fiduciary and investment oversight; counsel regarding guardianships and conservatorships.

Trust us to be your ally, transforming legal complexities into clear, manageable paths forward.

Estate Planning Services

Secure your legacy and ensure your wishes are honored with comprehensive estate planning services. From drafting wills to establishing trusts, our expertise provides peace of mind for you and your heirs.

Probate & Estate Services

When someone dies, there is a process for winding up the person’s affairs and transferring assets. This may involve filing a will with the probate court or it may happen through account titling and beneficiary designations. We are able to assist with all of these needs.

Trust & Fiduciary Services

Proper administration of trusts requires an understanding of the complex laws and rules that are unique to those entities. Our team has many years of experience in drafting and administering fiduciary accounts.

Real Estate Services

How real property is titled is a critical part of estate planning. Our office can help review real estate documents, prepare deeds, file with the Registry of Deeds, and facilitate some buyer or seller transactions.

Corporate Services

There can be many reasons to set up a corporate entity that go beyond conducting business. We are available to discuss setting up a new entity, updating an existing entity, transferring ownership, planning for a smooth succession, or dissolving an entity.

Notary Services

For our existing clients, we are happy to provide complimentary Notary Public services as needed. Please contact us in advance to confirm a time.