Jones, Kuriloff & Sargent, LLC is a law firm specializing in all things related to estate planning, including drafting trusts and wills, powers of attorney, elder law, probate, trustee services, real estate transactions, and other related matters. 

June 2020 update: Due to COVID-19 risks, we continue to keep our office closed to client visits and we are remaining socially distant within the office. Some employees continue to work from home to reduce the overall risk. We are still fully functioning and available for whatever you need. We can meet with clients in our outdoor patio area or we can do phone, email, or videoconferencing. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Estate planning is more than just wills.  We begin by getting to know the client and the complexities of the client’s family, then we review the client’s assets from both a “net worth” and an “estate” perspective. Based on this analysis, we help our clients develop and implement a plan. The plan may be a simple estate plan with a trust or will, or it may be more complex: perhaps a trust to protect beneficiaries from creditors and predators, or a business plan in which family and business dynamics are fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle.  We help our clients plan for management of their legal and financial affairs, health care decisions, and care of their minor or disabled children in case of illness, accident, or incapacity. This is the essence of estate planning, as we practice it. We help clients plan for the protection and transfer of family real estate, businesses, and other important assets to their loved ones.

We create trusts and wills, powers of attorney, corporate documents, and various kinds of contracts, deeds, and agreements for our clients. We often review life, liability, and long-term care insurance and can suggest additional insurance or changes in coverage. We supervise the probate of estates and preparation of estate tax returns. With IRAs, 401(k) plans, and other pension plans representing an ever-increasing share of our clients’ net worth, we also spend a good deal of time integrating retirement plans into estate plans.

Areas of strength in our practice include fiduciary duties, investment oversight, independent trustee services, probate, real estate transactions, elder law, charitable planning, record-keeping services, and business services.

There are four attorneys in this office (Jeffrey Jones, Rebecca Sargent, Catherine Haynes Fenton, and Timothy Stanley), and ten employees.  Roberta Kuriloff retired in 2016.