Becoming a Client

Yes, we are accepting new clients. We are pleased that you are considering working with us.

We are a small firm trying to meet a large demand for estate planning and other legal services. We try hard to accommodate our clients’ scheduling needs. It may be a few weeks out to schedule an appointment, but please explain any special circumstances to us so we can try to be as flexible as possible; some types of situations can be addressed more quickly, or with just a phone call instead of a meeting.

If we can meet your needs, and there is no conflict in representing you, we will be glad to meet with you about services we offer and the anticipated costs. Please note that we do not offer free consultations. Every person’s situation is unique, so we can’t estimate costs before speaking to you. Meetings can be by phone or Zoom if in-person is a concern. We may request additional personal information from you in order to confirm that we can represent you with the care and loyalty you deserve; lawyers have strict ethical considerations regarding avoiding conflicts of interest.

Most of our billing is charged at an hourly rate, and we try to delegate tasks to the person charging the lowest hourly rate who is capable of doing it — considering the nature of the work, time constraints, and other circumstances. We generally have an attorney and a paralegal work together on client matters so that there are at least two people who know your background and the work in progress.

How do we get started? Contact Us and tell us briefly what services you need. If we cannot help, we will try to offer referral considerations. If we can help, we’ll schedule an initial meeting to explore your needs in greater detail. After that, we will send you an engagement letter, which describes the services we will offer and how fees and expenses will be billed. Once that is signed, you’ll be our client. We look forward to working with you.