Corporate Services

Whether you are establishing a new entity (for estate planning purposes or as an actual business) and need help with legal documents and state filings, or you have an existing entity and need help with some logistics, we have plenty of experience with corporate entities:

  • Serving as Clerk or Registered Agent
  • Filing Annual Reports with the State of Maine
  • Preparing Bylaws or Agreements
  • Maintaining meeting minutes
  • Keeping record of stock transfers or membership interests
  • Collaboration with professional tax preparers and accountants
  • Policy and Procedure creation
  • Succession planning for small business owners

In Maine, corporate entities must have legal agreements (e.g. bylaws or LLC agreements), must have a Clerk or Registered Agent who lives in Maine (this does not have to be a professional capacity), and must file annually with the State of Maine to remain in Good Standing. The Clerk/Agent is supposed to keep the corporate records in good order, be the agent for transferring ownership, and prepare meeting records as required. The Clerk/Agent is the person who will be served if there are legal proceedings involving the entity. The person in charge of managing the entity takes care of filing tax returns and providing reports to shareholders/members.

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