“Thank you for running us through the steps that need taking in the finalising of our father’s affairs. I know he trusted your counsel a great deal and it appears he was very well guided in preparing for his passing. That has made this time immeasurably easier on us and we’re grateful for that.”

“It was so lovely to get a package from you and be reminded of the amazing dedication [you] had toward resolving [his] estate.  Again, [we] can’t thank you enough.”

“They did an amazing job with putting together our living wills. We received amazing advice and things were explained clearly. A living will is very important for everyone to have and I trust them 100%! Thank you for your great service!!”

“Having a Health Care Power of Attorney for my mother has been critical.  Rebecca helped us get it completed a few years ago and I’ve silently thanked her a hundred times since then.  It’s like a VIP card that gains me entrance to everything the doctors need me to know, but couldn’t otherwise tell me.  And at this point, the Financial Power of Attorney has allowed me to seamlessly take over her bills without making a big fuss.  I don’t know how families handle these situations when they haven’t been guided like we have.”

“Jeff, as always, I was a bit blitzed after two or three hours engaged in close reading of legalese.  Hard to read, after a while, and certainly too must be hard to write, after a while.  And when I said ‘it was almost fun,’ that didn’t begin to convey my appreciation for your knowledge, your patience and your good humor through this whole process  […]  So:  thank you; and in truth, it actually was a pleasure, as it not only took care of what seemed to be a BIG contingency problem, but working through the process helped me feel that I had certainly made an excellent choice in legal help.”